Why, despite watering, is my grass becoming brown?

Why, despite watering, is my grass becoming brown?

You believe you are acting appropriately. You take pride in how well you maintain your grass and water it frequently. Even hiring a professional provider to take care of your lawn is an option. But no matter what you do, your grass will eventually turn brown. Being unable to identify the cause can be immensely irritating, leaving you to question how you might address the issue. Discover the top five causes of browning grass, how to distinguish between them, and your available treatment choices.

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Why, despite watering, is my grass becoming brown?

Before attempting to discover a cure, you must determine which of the various causes of your lawn turning brown.

You’re not watering properly

Rainfall alone may be adequate to meet your lawn’s watering demands in some regions of the nation. In contrast, if your lawn doesn’t get enough water, it will become brown. In this instance, your lawn is dying, so you need to take fast action.


It’s crucial that you water properly, focusing on prolonged soaks once or twice a week rather than more regular water spritzes. Your lawn should immediately recover after a thorough bath. In the future, make sure to check the weather and keep an eye out for days that will be excessively hot or impending droughts.

Excessive Sun

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While the sun is necessary for your grass to grow, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Your lawn may turn brown from overexposure to the sun, a condition known as heat-burn or sun-scorching. If there are spots all over your yard, this can be the reason for your brown grass.


If you have a grass variety that does well in partial or full light, you may probably resolve this problem by giving it a thorough bath in water and some time to recover.


The larval stage of Japanese beetles is known as a grub. They can be discovered in the soil, chewing on the roots of your grass and causing it to die and turn brown.


Grub infestations must be discovered promptly since they can easily destroy entire lawns. Look at the roots of some grass by digging it up. Your grass is likely being affected by these pests if you see many grubs in a 1′ x 1′ area. It need treatment to get rid of them and keep your lawn healthy.


The condition known as Brown Patch may be to blame for your browning lawn. It is brought on by the fungus Rhizoctonia and can appear suddenly.


To treat this lawn disease, a fungicide must be applied to your lawn. Fortunately, with the right care, it is simple to eradicate. To avoid doing more harm than good when applying fungicide on your own, make sure you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

You’re not partnering with the proper lawn care company.

Regrettably, not all lawn care companies provide the same level of service. This is frequently brought on by a lack of training and a high industry turnover rate.


It’s crucial that you do your homework about the business before deciding to use its services. You should start by reading reviews on review websites like Yelp and Angi where you can also see genuine consumers satisfaction levels. Unfortunately, you could find that the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best.

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