When to fertilize in the spring?

Spring has arrived. Lawns are also in need of regeneration at this time of year. The right start and the necessary kickstart for your grass will be provided by timely fertilizer treatments in the spring.

Type of grass


Weathers Effect

Spring Fertilization


Preparing the ground for a successful growth season. But when is the ideal time to begin your fertilizer program for your lawn? It depends on the type of grass, the fertilizer, and the location, among other things.

Which Kind of Grass Grows the Most Often in Minnesota?

Most lawns in Central Indiana are made of cool-season turfgrass. The Midwest is where cool-season grasses are most prevalent. For cool-season grasses, spring is the most active growing season due to the cooler temperatures and rain.

Early spring fertilization is crucial because grass needs the most nutrients during its busiest growing season.

What Kind of Fertilizer Should I Use for My Grass in the Spring?

In the spring, slow-release fertilizers are quite helpful. Your lawn’s top layer may appear to be waking up in the spring due to temperature changes.

The ground hasn’t nearly thawed out yet though. Slow-release fertilizer remains on the lawn for a longer period of time, making it more effective at properly feeding your lawn.

Weather Effects on Lawn Fertilizers

Slow-release fertilizers can be used as early as mid-April in the Minnesota region. Yet, you need to consider the weather when caring for your lawn.

In Minnesota, it’s not unusual for temperatures to reach the 50s in mid-April. Thus, it is crucial to use the proper fertilizer in the spring.

If you fertilize your lawn with a slow-release fertilizer and then experience an unforeseen snowstorm, the fertilizer won’t be wasted because it will remain in the lawn until the snow melts and activates it.

Why Spring Fertilization Is Necessary

Your lawn has used up all of its nutrients, much like a hungry grizzly awakening after a protracted winter’s hibernation. The damaging affects of winter can harm your lawn.

Rebuilding this resource helps the winter kill and snow mold recover. Your lawn also starts to seem dull.

Your lawn will recover from its winter hibernation considerably faster and turn green with the help of an early spring fertilizer. This may increase the weed resistance of your lawn.

It’s essential to assist your lawn in fully waking up before the weeds start springing up because they can only grow where there is space. reducing their ability to colonize your grass.

Further Advantages of Spring Fertilization

The best time to use pre-emergent herbicides is in the early spring. One of the best defenses against grassy weeds like crabgrass is pre-emergent pesticide use. But, it must be used in advance of the appearance of crabgrass for it to be successful.

Two complimentary pre-emergent applications are included in Lawn Pride’s 7-Application Program in the spring. Crabgrass and other unwelcome grassy weeds have proven to be very resistant to these pre-emergent sprays. To start your lawn’s season off right, get in touch with a Lawn Pride representative right away.

Our specialists will collaborate with you to create a lawn care plan that satisfies your demands and your budget. They are aware of the requirements for lawns in Central Indiana.

Be sure to check our spring lawn care recommendations for Minnesota yards page to learn more about what to do to your grass in the spring.

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