December 3, 2020

It can be one of your most difficult things to deal with when the winter months begin. It can be very dangerous thing to deal with. Sidewalk snow can be a problem in your daily life and your health. To ensure your daily activities are uninterrupted, you need to get rid of it quickly and safely. If you just aren’t sure how to safely remove snow, keep reading. thegrassdr can provide the Owatonna residents with snow removal services and are skilled in safely removing snow without any problems.

Snow Removal Sidewalk Safety Tips

Proper clothing

Cold temperatures are what cause snow. To avoid hypothermia, it is important to always wear the appropriate clothing. You should wear the following:

  • Wear thick, but breathable layers of clothing.
  • Boots that are waterproof and have traction
  • Warm, thick socks
  • Protect your head from heat loss with a headcover
  • Protect your fingers and hands with gloves or mittens

These clothes are not only warm and protective, but they also protect against the dangers that snowfall can pose.

Stretch and Use the Proper Form

Sidewalk snow removal can prove to be very difficult and time-consuming. It can also cause strain to your muscles because it is done in cold temperatures. Stretching before you remove snow can help to warm your body and prevent strains. It’s important to follow the correct form when you are removing snow from your sidewalk.

It’s crucial that you don’t lift snow when shoveling. Push the snow away from you, and not lift. If you have to lift, simply squat with your legs apart. As you lift, keep your back straight while keeping your heels planted. Don’t throw snow to the side, or behind your back when you lift. This is crucial because you will want to be aware of where your snow goes.

Get outside as soon as you can & take breaks

Go outside as soon as snowfall has occurred if you are able. It is easier to remove powdery snow than wet and compacted snow. A few inches of snow accumulation can be a sign that the snow has just fallen and is ready to be removed.

Make sure you take breaks and work slowly when clearing sidewalks. You can increase your heart rate and blood pressure by shoveling snow. Take a break from shoveling snow to stop exhaustion.

Be sure to de-ice!

Sidewalk snow removal does not end with the snow. It is important to de-ice your sidewalks as well.

Specialty salt is a salt that can be used to de-ice your sidewalk. Spread the salt evenly on your sidewalk, and then simply shovel it away.

thegrassdr is the best company to hire if you are looking for sidewalk snow removal professionals. thegrassdr is a well-respected snow removal company that has been serving Chicago for years. We’re pretty sure that you will be completely satisfied with thegrassdr. You can call us with any questions.

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