Mowing Techniques to Keep a Healthy Lawn

Mowing Techniques to Keep a Healthy Lawn
Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to get back outside and take care of your lovely yard. Although maintaining the health of your grass may fall under the “chores” category in your home, it is crucial, particularly in the spring and summer. Your lawn’s health is important for more than simply curb appeal; lush, healthy grass provides a wonderful area for children to play on and enables other plants and trees to benefit from the rich soil.

There is more to mowing than initially appears. Give these mowing suggestions a read to have a healthier lawn this season before you drag the old push mower out of the shed and mow the same path you have been traveling for years.

Do not cut too short 


While routine mowing is necessary to control weeds and maintain the appearance of your lawn, it is very simple to go beyond. Most lawn care professionals advise cutting off no more than one-third of the grass at a time. It could seem like too little, especially if your grass is overgrown, but removing too much of each blade of grass will deprive your lawn of the nutrients it needs to develop sustainably and can even harm the roots. The 1/3 rule will assist in keeping the curb view continuously full.

Trimming too much also has to do with how often you mow your lawn. Mowing more frequently than once a week is unnecessary, and daily mowing might harm your grass. Cutting your lawn too frequently or too close to the roots might cause “scalping,” which results in brown areas of unmaintainable grass. Also, it will make your lawn less drought- and weather-resistant and more vulnerable to weed growth.

Avoid Mowing Wet Grass


It could be tempting to tidy up your yard after a storm, but confine your cleanup to picking up sticks and debris and not mowing your grass. Trimming grass could increase the inconsistencies that occur when it is wet, which will cause it to take on a different form than typical. You’ll need to mow it once more to restore it to its original form when it dries so that the imperfections don’t show through. It is preferable to wait for any diseases to completely dry out before cutting because cutting damp grass can also cause fungus and plant diseases to spread throughout your lawn.

Also harmful are lawn mowers, with over 80,000 injuries reported year alone in the U.S. Wet grass and steep hills can make it dangerous to mow since they can lead to falls or the loss of control of your mower.

Change Your Pattern

Mowing in the same pattern each time is one of the most typical lawn-care mistakes. Although it makes sense that you might settle into a pattern and form a habit, your lawn may suffer as a result. If you continually mow in the same pattern and direction, it will force the grass into abnormal growth conditions. Each blade of grass will bend and grow in the direction it is pushed. Your grass could become damaged, less resilient, and uneven as a result of this.

To prevent this, try changing the pattern or direction you mow it in between each mow. Even carrying out the same procedure backwards can be beneficial. Your grass will appear more level and natural since it will be healthier and grow more erect.


As You Go, Mulch Your Clippings

The cleanup after mowing the lawn is one of the most difficult parts. It is laborious and unattractive to empty bags of collected yard clippings on the edge of your property or in the garbage, and it is also not the best option for your lawn. Buy a mower or adjust the settings on your present mower so that the grass clippings are mulched and returned to the lawn as you mow. These cuttings won’t cause any obvious hardship, and you won’t have to bother about collecting trimmings any more because you should ideally only be clipping no more than one-third of the length of the grass. The additional nutrients that the chopped grass returns to the soil will work as fertilizer, lowering your requirement for additional fertilizer by 25%. The Husqvarna Automower is a fantastic choice that will take care of this stage for you.

Partner with the Pros 

We are a group of experts at thegrassdr that are prepared to assist you with all of your seasonal lawn management requirements. To make sure that your grass is secure and lush, we will work with your particular home circumstances. Get the greatest lawn care advice and more. Call thegrassdr at 507-774-2392 or visit our website, to for any questions.

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