Your grass will look wonderful and remain healthy with regular mowing.

Your property looks its best with a well-kept, recently mowed grass. A freshly mowed lawn actually does have the aroma of summer, as all true Minnesotans are aware of. Did you know that Minneapolis city rules prohibit the growth of grass taller than 8 inches? 

What Does Mowing the Lawn Involve?

We trim your grass to the ideal height using power mowers. After that, we clip the grass around any location the mower cannot reach. Then, we blow off all debris from the landscape, roadways, pathways, and driveways. These clippings are returned to the yard, where they are recycled by nature. We provide one-time services as needed or ongoing lawn mowing (often every one to two weeks), which is perfect if you’re leaving town or are otherwise unable to mow your lawn. Call our office for further information.

We provide a fixed charge for lawn mowing based on the size of your lawn for the do-it-yourself home owner who could use a helping hand. We can give you a price quote if you give us a call. Prices typically range from $35 to $60, depending on a few factors. Additional services include edging and cleanup.

Regular Mowing of the Lawn Service

We offer specialized plans for regular lawn mowing. To keep your grass healthy and green, we advise you to couple that service with a seasonal fertilizer routine. To get quick pricing and immediate booking, look for the yellow “Instant Lawn Care Pricing” button above.

The advantages of having thegrassdr  Mow Your Lawn:

allows your lawn to properly breathe
keeps your house in top condition and boosts curb appeal
Recycled grass clippings aid in fertilizing your turf’s roots.
complies with any local laws requiring you to mow your lawn
If there are any problem lawn areas, our specialists let you know.
Spring, Summer, and Fall Are Minnesota’s Best Seasons For Mowing Lawns
We have never had a Minnesota winter that was mild enough to necessitate mowing the grass! (Though we can yet hope…) In Minnesota, spring, summer, and fall are the finest seasons to mow your grass.

How Frequently Will I Need to Mow My Lawn?

Your lawn needs to be cut every one to two weeks, depending on the weather (temperature and precipitation).


The frequency of mowing depends on the rate of grass growth and the desired height of your lawn. During the growing season, mowing your lawn once a week should be plenty to keep it healthy. If necessary, you might lower the frequency of cutting to every other week throughout the remaining time.

Lawn height increases in the summertime, just like the temperature. The lawn’s soil is shaded by higher grass covering it, which helps ward off bothersome weeds like crabgrass and shields the lawn’s roots from the intense heat.

For tall fescue and perennial ryegrass, you can mow your cool season grass up to 4 inches high in the summer. Warm season grasses should have a 2 to 2.5 inch rounded end.

Every week, your lawn needs around one inch of water. One inch per week is required for fertile soil and robust grass roots, and can be provided by your sprinkler system or natural rainfall.

The time of day you water your lawn can have an impact on weed growth, disease development, and grass growth. Keep in mind the following crucial watering advice for the finest lawn care results:

Avoid watering between 11 am and 3 pm, when it’s often the hottest of the day.

Water between 6 and 10 in the morning when there is less sun, heat, and wind.

If you can’t water in the morning, water between 4 and 7 in the afternoon instead.

Avoid watering at night as it attracts outdoor pests, fungus illnesses, and mildew.

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