Five Tips for Surviving the Winter

Regularly maintain

Exercise consistently

The Sun shine

Love your car

Buckle Up

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Face it, Minnesota’s winters aren’t the best. While shoveling snow, slipping on ice, and being cold for half the year can be unpleasant, the snow is beautiful over the holidays. Be at ease! Every Minnesotan we spoke with was asked for survival tips for this time of year. We created a list of 5 suggestions using their responses to help you get through the winter. If you use these suggestions, you’ll soon find yourself strolling through a winter paradise and may even come to believe that Minnesota’s winters are not all that horrible.

Regularly maintain your walkways and driveway

The fact that ice and snow accumulate swiftly here is quickly realized. Regularly shoveling your driveway and pathway is one of the more important winter survival strategies. Although shoveling snow may not be the most enjoyable duty, we like to compare it to mowing the lawn in the cold. (At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.)

Make sure you go outside to shovel or blow snow off your yard whenever it snows, even if it is only a half-inch or so. It will quickly mount up, leaving you with considerably more labor in the future. To deal with Minnesota winters, scheduling a local snow plowing service is a terrific idea. After all, it takes much less time and effort than ordering your kids to do it.

Pay attention to the ice around your property as well. Your driveway and sidewalk can be made safe to walk on by spreading sand, ice melt, or even coffee grounds.

Exercise consistently

It is simple to stay inside throughout the winter and lounge on the couch for weeks at a time. Getting your steps in is simply not a priority for many people when it is persistently below freezing outside. To maintain continuous physical and mental health, it is crucial to make an effort to exercise during the winter.

During the winter, shoveling is undoubtedly a wonderful way to increase your heart rate. Exercise indoors is an additional suggestion to help you get through the winter without leaving the convenience and warmth of your home. You can exercise every day while staying warm and, if you’d like, in front of the TV, whether you have some free weights you can lift or just a little area of open floor in your living room.

Before night or during commercial breaks, try performing some yoga or exercise. Regular exercise can help you start the new year off well and will lessen how miserable winter is.

The Sun shine In

Let the sunlight in, Minnesotans advised us as another crucial strategy to get you through the winter. There are many advantages to opening your curtains during the day so that natural light can enter. The sun’s natural heat can warm your home naturally, especially if it has south-facing windows. This can help you save some money on your winter heating bills, which is always a good thing.

Allowing the sun to shine during the winter is also good for your health. In Minnesota, wintertime frequently means reduced exposure to sunlight, which can result in a deficiency of vital vitamin D. Utilize the sun as much as possible to maintain healthy vitamin D levels. When the days are short and dreary in the winter, natural light can also lift your spirits.

Love your car a little bit

A crucial component of surviving Minnesota’s winters is your car. Even seasoned drivers sometimes overlook simple winter driving precautions. Spend some time this winter giving your automobile the attention it deserves and the enhancements it needs to remain operating properly. When you accomplish this, you’ll understand that winter isn’t all that unpleasant if you have the necessary supplies.

Even in the worst weather, upgrades like rubber floor mats and snow tires can help you winterize your car while also keeping it clean and in good working order. Make sure your car is equipped with an excellent ice scraper and shovel as well.

Here’s a hidden automobile trick to help you get through the winter: if you park outside overnight, cover your windshield wipers with your mismatched socks and put plastic bags on your side mirrors. They won’t be as frozen in the morning, which will make it easier for you to move more quickly.

In the event of the worst circumstances, it is a good idea to pack an emergency kit with a few granola bars, water, extra clothing, and other essentials. Finally, if you are trapped in a ditch, having non-clumping kitty litter in your trunk will assist your tires gain some grip. It’s the simple things that can build up and make the winter go by more easily for you.

Buckle Up

You might not be aware that Minnesota is the third-coldest state in the nation. Nevertheless, many devoted Minnesotans bundle up and persevere, year after year. Anyone in this area will tell you that the wind is more dangerous than the temperature. Essentially, that is code for “I’m freezing my butt off, but I can’t say it.”

The secret to surviving the cold is to stay warm by bundling up. Before venturing outside, dress in extra layers, such as thick, warm socks, long johns, a shirt, a sweatshirt, and a coat. It is not worth the risk to get frostbite. You can sustain major cold injuries even if you are only outside for a short period of time. Keep additional clothing in your car and stay warm this winter by doing so.

Additional Advice: Dial The Grass DR

You’ll discover that winter life in Minnesota is actually rather enjoyable if you use our advice. Even in the midst of winter, Minnesota is hard to dislike.

Call The Grass DR if you need a little more assistance this season. Winter will be a little bit easier for you if you let us assist you clear your driveway and maintain clear walkways. We are knowledgeable about everything that Minnesota winters have to offer and can visit your property on a regular basis to clear even the most treacherous roadways. This winter, give The Grass DR a call and anticipate the arrival of warmer weather.

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