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This selection of gas-powered lawnmowers can enhance the value of your business’s professional landscaping and lawn care services.

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Bobcat WB700 Series

The WB700 commercial walk-behind mower from Bobcat Corporation is made with a commercial floating deck, a bullhorn design, a TufDeck cutting system, and a five-gallon fuel tank. It is available in three width versions (36″, 48″, and 52″). A tool-free oil drain, deck access, and an external oil filter placement are included with the WB700. The WB700 also has hydrostatic transaxles and hydraulic drive, which enable it to reach speeds of up to 6.5 MPH. The WB700 has a reinforced box section, an engine mounting plate made of seven gauge, a 1.5′′ x 2.5′′ structural tube frame, and 20′′ drive tires.

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Mower from the Radius X series from Exmark

The 60′′ UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck of the 2022 Radius X-Series zero-turn riding mower has a high-capacity 5.5′′ deep, side-discharge design with a 31HP Kawasaki twin-cylinder engine. Patented Lazer Z-style deck strut isolation technology gets rid of sway, makes it simple to modify the deck’s height, and makes operators more comfortable. The overhead V-valve Kawasaki FX921V engine has a high-efficiency oil cooler, pressurized lubrication, and three valves per cylinder. The unibody frame of the Radius X-Series is made of 2″ by 3″ rectangular steel frame tubing and is fully welded. The operator is suspended atop 3″ of travel by a full-suspension operator seat, which also decreases vibration and noise felt through the operator’s feet.

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Challenger of the Country Clipper

The Challenger Series from Country Clipper consists of six zero-turn versions with options for Kawasaki or Kohler engines and cutting widths of 52″ and 60″. A luxurious adjustable suspension seat with 2 inches of travel is included in the new Challenger to further smooth out turbulent trips and lessen operator fatigue. The Challenger series softens jolts and lessens impact on the turf when used in conjunction with Country Clipper’s Contour Deck Tracking SystemTM. All models in the series continue to come standard with extra amenities including Joystick or Twin Lever steering, conveniently placed cupholders, Stand-Up Deck, and an accessible Wide Front Step.


Based on the ZT HD model, the limited-edition Gravely ZT HD STEALTH® has an F117A-inspired control panel, limited edition graphics, trim, and a black-on-black paint scheme. A 52-inch X-Factor® 3 deck and a Kawasaki FR Series engine are among the updates. A neatly stitched bespoke seat made using the new, wider and taller ZT XL seat design is also included with the machine. The Stealth has 22′′ rear tires with aggressive tread, grips in two colors, and a specially molded rubber floor mat. Only Gravely dealers can purchase the ZT HD STEALTH, and only a small quantity will be produced.

Ferris 300S

The unique coil-over shocks suspension system of the entry-level zero turn mower Ferris 300S lessens the effect of rough terrain. For the 48′′ and 52′′ deck variants, it progresses to four-point suspension and is offered on the back. In addition, the 300S has a fully constructed steel mower deck that, along with a pivoting front axle and ball bearings in the castor spindle, guarantees longevity and a high-quality cut. A Briggs & Stratton® PXi OHV V-twin engine powers the Ferris 300S.

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Zero-Turn Mowers from the STIHL 500 Series

The 500 Series machines include commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400 transaxles and can go as fast as 10 MPH forward and 5 MPH backward. A pleasant ride and a constant cutting height are provided by the cutting deck height correction feature of the sophisticated four-wheel suspension system. Two control arms connected to shock absorbers make up the independent front suspension, which keeps wheels parallel to the ground to increase deck stability and improve ride quality. The Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) has polyurethane blocks that stop the trailer from shaking while it is in motion. It neatly folds for simple storage and transportation between jobs. A flip-up floor pan, a flexible side rubber discharge chute, and a dual-function hour meter are additional features.

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Stand-On Mower for Grasshopper SO26

For the best traction and stability, the Grasshopper Stand-On SO26 mower is built with a low center of gravity. Users can cut up to 5.27 acres per hour and refill less frequently thanks to the 9.25-gallon fuel capacity. With 4.5′′ of range and easy access to switches, controls, and the Easy Deck Lift Lever, the SO26 has an adjustable command center tower. Whether raising or lowering the deck, the T-DriveTM gearbox and engine, which are installed on the deck, ensure that no harm comes to the drive belts or engine parts. The SO26 also has an 810 cc OHV Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine and an Anti-Slip Operator Platform with shock-absorbent coil spring suspension. The machine is offered with extra-deep DuraMax® decks that are 52′′ or 61′′ wide.

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ZXS Series by KIOTI

The ergonomic and dependable ZXS stand-on zero-turn mowers from KIOTI provide all-day comfort and greater uptime. consisting of two variants, the ZXS48 and ZXS54, both with Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400 transmissions paired with Kawasaki 24 HP engines. Select from a 48′′ or 54′′ constructed, reinforced 10-guage steel deck with notched blades and adjustable driving levers as standard. A big seven-gallon gasoline tank makes it possible for customers to mow all day. Both models include easy access to all serviceable parts, such as transaxles, drive belts, batteries, and fuses, as well as plenty of room and quick tool-free removal of the operator pads.

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The new Z560LS zero-turn mower from Husqvarna combines maximum productivity, a high-quality cut, and all-day comfort. The Z560LS is equipped with a strong 38.5 HP Kawasaki FX1000 EFI, a 6′′ deep, 60′′ high-performance cutting deck, a 10-gauge manufactured construction, and extra-large 10′′ diameter blade spindles. With comfort features like a hands-free deck lift system, automatic park brake, and a full suspension seat results in a tough commercial mower that can handle a long day of work.

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The RedMax Commercial Mower line has expanded with the addition of the new RedMax CZT60TX zero-turn mower, a tough, work-ready addition. The machine is equipped with a 6′′ deep, high-performance 7-gauge steel cutting deck and a powerful 38.5 HP Kawasaki FX1000 EFI engine. Extended life is provided by the construction’s tough commercial duty design. A hands-free deck lift system, an automatic park brake, and a full-suspension seat are further features.

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Next-Generation SZ Series from Kubota

The SZ19NC-36-2, with a 36-inch cutting deck, the SZ22NC-48-2, with a 48-inch cutting deck, the SZ26NC-52-2, with a 52-inch cutting deck, and the SZ26NC-61-2, with a 61-inch cutting deck, are the next-generation SZ Series commercial stand-on mowers from Kubota Tractor Company. Adjustable cutting deck baffles, increased serviceability, and better tire performance are enhancements over the prior model. All SZ Series lawn mowers have hydro-gear gearboxes and commercial Kawasaki FX and FT Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engines. Depending on the model, the SZ Series was built with a low center of gravity for great stability and quick travel speeds of up to 11 MPH. The original series of SZ mowers has been replaced by the SZ Series models.

TSX 561i Altoz

The first tracked stand-on mower from Altoz is the TSX 561i. The TSX’s aggressive 11′′ wide all-terrain track is its most noticeable characteristic. The TorqFlex front suspension and 13-inch flat-free tires work in tandem with the track system to reduce chassis bounce and improve operator control. The track system fills in gaps created by uneven terrain. The TSX has a 61′′ HV All-Terrain deck with three spindles, six swing blades, and a slanted back rear discharge. It also has electronic dial throttle controls and SmarTrac Pro. Moreover, the motorbike has a 29.5 JP Kawasaki FX850V-EFI engine. In April 2023, the TSX 561i will be offered for sale.

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