Best Flowering Ornamental Trees For Minnesota

Best Flowering Ornamental Trees For Minnesota

We’ll go over some of our top selections for Minnesota-friendly ornamental blooming trees in this blog post. These trees can be employed in the lawn spaces as well as a specimen or key plant, as illustrated in the diagram above. With their magnificent springtime flowering, size, and shape, as well as their changing leaves into shades of yellow, orange, or red in the fall, flowering ornamental trees may help keep the growing season interesting.


#1 Serviceberry (native to MN)


The serviceberry tree is our top selection, because of it has two of the most desirable traits for an ornamental tree in MN: it has both wonderful white spring flowers and beautiful red/orange fall colors.  Great fall leaf color is fairly unique for a flowering tree in MN, which really makes the serviceberry a great option for adding seasonal interest.  These trees hold their berries after flowering rather than dropping them on the ground and these hanging berries attract many types of birds in the fall.  ‘Autumn brilliance’ is our preferred multi-stem variety and we like the ‘Spring flurry’ variety best for the single stem growth type, due to its strong central leader trunk and taller canopy, which makes it easier to mow around/under when planted in the lawn.   Both varieties have similar white flowers in springtime, both have great fall leaf color and both grow to roughly the same mature size of 15′ wide and 15′-20′ tall.



#2 Crabapple Trees

Most of the new varieties are disease resistant and have persistent fruit (which means their berries are small and don’t fall to the ground’ making them far less messy.  There are so many sizes/shapes and flower color options available.  Crab trees are great for pollinating insects and birds and also attract birds in fall/winter, which eat the small crab apples. There are many other good ones out there to choose from, but here are our two great options to consider: ‘prairie-fire’ crab is disease resistant with persistent fruit and ‘sugar thyme’ crab has both of those traits as well.



#3 Redbud Tree  (native to MN)

The gorgeous pink/fuchsia flowers on red bud trees, which are unique in that they bloom all along the branches rather than just at the tips like most other trees, make them truly spectacular in the spring. These trees’ heart-shaped leaves have a lovely buttery yellow fall hue as well. Redbud trees come in single stem and multi-stem growth varieties, giving landscape designers a variety of placing possibilities. Redbud trees do well in full sun to partial shade.

#4 Japanese 




Japanese tree lilacs Fast growing with many varieties available offering different sizes/shapes. Available in single-stem and multi-stem growth types. Flowers in late spring early summer, while most other options listed above flower in early spring. They flower much better when planted in full sun.


#5 Magnolia Tree 

One of the most magnificent flowering trees that can withstand the cold in Minnesota is without a doubt the magnolia. Large blossoms on these trees bloom early in the spring and come in a variety of colors. There are various species available that offer varying sizes and growth types to match needs of your space. Both single-stem and multi-stem growth forms come in a wide variety.

We believe that the three types “butterflies,” “Leonard Messel,” and “Merrill” are excellent choices to take into account. All three of these tree varieties can be planted in grass areas and subsequently mowed beneath; they will also flourish in flower beds. There are also other species of magnolia trees with smaller grow habits that we consider as being more like a huge flowering shrubs than classic decorative tree when it comes to their usage in landscape spaces.



We hope that these choices will help you decide which flowering tree you prefer. We enjoy watching our landscapes come to life with their stunning colors in the spring and fall just like you do. If you need help with your next landscaping project we can help advise you on the best choice for your projects.

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