Advice on Plowing Snow

Advice on Plowing Snow

There’s something special about staying indoors and watching the snow fall! Sadly, you won’t have to wait long to have to step outside and clear the snow from your driveway and walkways.

For small to medium-sized snowy areas, most homeowners utilize a snow shovel or snow blower. Yet the fastest way to get rid of a lot of snow is using a snow plow on a truck or ATV. When plowing snow, there are a few things to remember.

cartoon character mowing
cartoon character mowing with reel mower

How To

We advise you to flag any items, such as hydrants, big rocks, and pipes. Flags should be placed around the driveway’s boundaries as well.

Tips for using an ATV or snow plow:

Before confronting the first snow pile, practice moving the blades.
To push snow off to one side, slant the plow in that direction. Approach the mound until the blade is now more than three-quarters snow-covered.
Snow piled up against a structure can be removed using the “backdrag” method.

Things to Avoid

Stack now on a different person’s property.
snowbanks on sidewalks or streets
At mailboxes, trash cans, water drains, or fire hydrants, pile snow
Suggestions for Straight Blade Plowing

cartoon character mowing
cartoon character mowing with reel mower

Snow can roll off the plow thanks to the straight blades’ improved blade curl.

Angle Position: The blade is inclined either to the left or right side of the car in this position. After the first pass, broaden using this position.
Positioned straight ahead of the vehicle, the blade is in this position. Use this position for cleaning up after the operation is finished, removing a big windrow, or back dragging.
Deep Snow: To shear off the top layer in deep snow, lift the plow several inches off the ground. If you have a Power-V Plow, start out in the V position. Then, to expand things, go to the Scoop or Angle position.

V-Powing Advice

You can select from a number of blade positions using V-snowplows, which have many positions.

V Position: The blades are drawn back toward the truck in this position. The first pass is typically made from this location.
Scoop Position: With the blades thrust outward into an inverted V shape, this position is used for carrying or controlling the snow. It works best for clearing parking lots and other big spaces where snow needs to be moved forward, not to the side.
Need assistance removing snow?

If clearing snow yourself is not an option or takes too much time, leave it to Northern Roots. You won’t have to worry about going outside to clear it; you can just watch it fall from your window! Your driveway will remain free of snow thanks to our snow removal services.

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