Advantages of hiring professionals to remove snow during Owatonna winters

advantages of hiring professionals to remove snow during Owatonna winters

City street covered in snow

Minnesotans may all agree that the winters are difficult if there is one thing they can all agree on. In fact, Minnesota was ranked as having the nation’s toughest winters. Every year, we receive 36 to 70 inches of snow on average. There must be a place for all that powder besides our streets, driveways, and parking lots. Do not panic if the notion of navigating three feet of snow makes you squirm. Experts in snow removal are on hand to assist. Discover the various advantages of using a snow removal service by reading on.

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Security First

Commercial snow removal keeps your establishment, facility, clinic, or apartment complex safe for everyone. Nothing is more annoying than having to deal with slip and fall incidents. Customers may get hurt, costing you money, or staff members or students may need time off for medical reasons. Did you know that parking lots account for 25% of ice-related slips and falls? Why not call in the professionals and avoid the hassle?

Each Company Gains

Here is a list of just a few types of companies in the Owatonna area that commonly use snow removal services.

Small and large offices

Companies must create a positive first impression on customers, and that process begins with a secure entrance. A disgruntled consumer will encounter you if they slip and slide their way in.

cartoon character mowing
cartoon character mowing with reel mower

Medical Facilities

Making sure patients have a clear path to the door that is free of ice is the first step in providing care. The elderly, who are more likely to fall, are particularly affected by this.

Real estate managers

A disaster is more likely when there are dozens or even hundreds of tenants living in a limited space. Renters who claim their landlords didn’t properly plow the snow are less likely to sue when the landlord hires professional snow removal services.

Retail Stores

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cartoon character mowing with reel mower

Customers who are entering the store benefit from the removal of snow. It also guarantees the security of those who are already inside. The majority of shopping malls have shiny tile flooring. This presents a more opulent experience and has a lovely appearance. Hundreds of consumers track in the water wearing snow-covered boots, making all those tiles slick. You’ve probably seen stores installing extra floor mats or setting up large industrial blowers at the entrance. It’s not simply to leave the place cleaner for the janitor; it’s also to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Reducing the quantity of moisture tracked indoors and, as a result, the likelihood of slip and fall accidents, requires plowing snow and melting ice in the parking lot.

Schools need to keep students and faculty safe, from primary schools to community colleges. In the Twin Cities, finding dependable snow plowing is essential for winter.

Removal of Ice

Ice can reform even after the wonderful white flakes have been removed, making it even more deadly than snow. Which solutions for road salt are ideal for your circumstances can be discussed with your professional snow plowing crew. Certain compounds are safer for pets than others and persist longer at different temperatures.

Reduce costs and time

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cartoon character mowing with reel mower

It is less expensive to hire a snow removal company than to deal with a slip and fall lawsuit or other injuries. Not having to clean the parking lots yourself will also save you time. Also, you’ll feel more at ease. Never again will the idea of getting up early to shovel make you angry. You won’t ever have to be concerned that someone will be hurt due to the snow that wasn’t plowed. You won’t be able to plow as swiftly as experts in a truck, even if you use a snowblower. You won’t be able to move the same volume of snow either. Commercial snow removal is only more efficient and effective.

Reduced Body Wear and Tear

Shoveling is a difficult task. Your back may suffer, and you may experience excruciating joint pain. Self-shoveling the parking lot for your doctor’s office or your apartment building can sound economical, but why take the chance of getting hurt and accruing medical debt? Leave it to the professionals and avoid needless twisting and lifting.

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